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Resume Help - How to get an interview

How to get an interview is not about what you wear or what you look like. How to get an interview starts with your resume. Your resume is the first contact potential employers will have with you. How you present your credentials can make the difference between “keep reading” or “toss it” in the minds of hiring managers. How to get an interview comes down to identifying and accentuating your skills and experiences relevant to the position or career you want to pursue.

Below are helpful tips on how to get an interview by writing your resume from the employer's point of view.

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Resume Help Tips:

Add value. The single best way to sell yourself is to relate your ability to add value to a company. Think about how you left your previous employers better off than before you worked for them? If you’re a student with no work experience relate your value to your academic and extra-curricular achievements.

Sell your strengths and experience.  Employers want to hear about your success stories. Write about what you contributed to your previous employer or academic institution, how you showed initiative or how you were a key player. What awards have you won? In essence, describe what you did, how you did it and the result or benefit (to the company, division, team etc.) of what you did.

Quantify. Employers love numbers. For example: Increased sales by 50 percent over the previous year. Produced total meal sales 20 percent higher than those of the other servers in the restaurant. Supervised 25 staff.  Served the firm’s largest customer base of 150. Sold a real estate portfolio exceeding $5 Million per annum

Every word counts.  Use power verbs to describe your accomplishments. Impress employers with words such as "first," "only," "best," "most," and "highest”. Use plain fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana and Tahoma - these ooze professionalism. Keep font sizes between 10 and 12 point.

The first page is crucial.  If the employer reads only your first page, they should have a good understanding of what you’ve done, what you’ve achieved, when you’ve done it and who for.

Providing a recruiter or your future employer with this type of information will differentiate you from the competition because most people don't go to this depth in their resume.

By demonstrating your worth you will be providing greater insight about your abilities and the level of responsibility you have had. It will help convince recruiters and future employers that you know what you are talking about and have thought through the value you have contributed with previous employers or from your academic and extra-curricular experiences.

This is how to get an interview. Good luck!

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