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Resume Help - How to write a Linkedin profile

If youíre not using a Linkedin profile to sell your full potential it could be preventing you from securing business or career opportunities. There are many tactics people use to write a LinkedIn profile and your Linkedin profile should be a condensed version of your resume.

It is absolutely critical that you spend time to create the best and most accurate possible Linkedin profile for yourself on the system. The reason it's important to write a good Linkedin profile is because first off, it makes you more accessible for others to find. More importantly, when you initiate communication with someone else, rest assured, they will go and check out your profile.

When youíre on show 24/7, itís important you put your best foot forward! Below are some helpful tips on how to write a Linkedin profile.

Donít have time or canít be bothered? Let The CV Company write your LinkedIn profile for you. Email enquiries@thecvcompany.com.au

Resume Help for Linkedin profiles:

Write for the network. Linkedin is a human network, so write as if you want someone to actually read your profile. In the summary section of Linkedin, this is what I tell readers about my services.

ďLaunched The CV Company in 2009 to help people stand out in a competitive job market. My experience includes more than 15 years in the Human Resources and Recruitment industry working as a recruiter and recruitment marketing specialist. This experience and knowledge helps me, make you, look goodĒ.

What I'm doing here is telling people what I do and what they can get from me. You need to make your summary explain why someone would want to connect with you. If youíre not sure why, thatís another matter and perhaps The CV Company can help you with that.

Make Your Experience Work. You want people who read your Linkedin profile to quickly grasp your professional capabilities. So write your Linkedin profile in such a way that people understand where you sit. Make sure your job description helps viewers of your profile see how your skills and experience can add value to their business or employee requirements.

In my Linkedin profile, I state The CV Companyís primary function in the first sentence of ďmy current roleĒ, so you can see what Iím bringing to the table alongside my own personal skills.

ďProfessional Resume Writer at The CV Company - Accomplished in editing, culling and writing resumes for professional and skilled trade occupations, career mums, graduates, school leavers and people wishing to return to the workplace after an extended absenceĒ.

What you can see here is, it states what Iím doing, but also what I can do.

Keywords and Skills. Include all the keywords and skills from your resume in your Linkedin profile. That will make it easier for your profile to be found in search results.

Some Final Thoughts. Check your contact settings and be explicit about who you want connecting with you. Consider putting up a photo. Find groups where you might want to contribute. Participate in the Q&A function to share your expertise. Keep your Linkedin profile up to date.

Your Linkedin profile is a powerful tool in connecting you with potential business partners and future employers. Make sure you provide the right insight to avoid missing out on a business or career opportunity.

Good luck!

Donít have time or canít be bothered? Let The CV Company write your LinkedIn profile for you. Call 0416 299 541 or email enquiries@thecvcompany.com.au


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